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For over two decades, The Mountain® has been a bold player in the t-shirt game. From the iconic Three Wolf Moon® to the newest collection of Big Face™ Tees, The Mountain® appeals to anyone who wants to make a statement or simply just have fun with fashion.

What started as a '90s staple with licensed tees for the Grateful Dead, Bob Marley & Jimi Hendrix, has grown to include hundreds of eclectic designs, seen on the likes of Jack Black, Three Six Mafia, Tyler the Creator, Matty Mullins, Travis $cott, Jessie J, NBA stars Joakim Noah & Matt Bonner as well as many others.

The Mountain’s cult-like following and undeniable vision has inspired both trends and imitations from the streets all the way to the high fashion runways. 


Get to Know Us

The Mountain® has been in business for over 30 years and printing T-Shirts for over 21 of those years. From our earliest days, we have worked to be a responsible company. We have a Green Philosophy and every day we strive to run our company and produce our products in a way that protects the environment, gives value to our customers and supports our employees and the artists.

Long before it was the “in” thing to do, the founders of The Mountain® have been taking the kind of steps that make a real difference.

Protecting The Environment

 For many years, 2 of the partners have been involved with Green Causes. One of them has been a longtime advocate of local, national and worldwide conservation organizations dedicated to keeping land preserved so that ecosystems can remain intact for future generations.

Another has had his personal land certified as an organic farm, making it possible for local farmers to use this land to grow organic food.

We Care About Your Environment

The Mountain® uses only environmentally friendly water-based inks and Dyes. Our way of insuring all of our manufacturing processes fully protect earth, air and water. 

Our Dye Oxidation System (DOS), has been on line since January 3, 2011. It purifies our manufacturing process waste water by removing color and additives without the addition of chemical. Because this process does not rely on the use of chemical it does not create dead water that has been stripped of its’ oxygen. Rather, it does the opposite in that the final product is enriched with oxygen which works harmoniously with the micro-organisms that are used in our local city water treatment facility.

By installing the DOS, we are stating that our commitment to continuing the legacy of American Made Manufacturing in a time when so many other garment dyers/printers are moving their operations offshore in search of cheap labor and relaxed environmental regulations. This will continue to allow us to take care of our employees and their families for years to come.

We Care About Quality

Most screenprinters use solvent based inks made primarily of plastic (petroleum) that have a rough feel and contain toxic phthalates. While many printers are trying to kick the chemical habit and learn how to use waterbased inks, we are light years ahead of them. We are literally pioneers of using waterbased ink and have perfected it’s use to create photo-realistic imagery that is not attainable by other screen printers.

We Care About Your Health

The Mountain® is proud to tell you about an important certification we received. The Mountain® products are Oekotex 100% certified (one of the highest qualification worldwide). This guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body.

• We create, develop, dye, print in Marlborough, NH and ship from Keene, NH USA. Which makes our carbon footprint much smaller than most companies dyeing and printing overseas. It also allows us a very quick turn-around time for getting shirts to you, our customers.

• That more than 80% of the cotton in our shirts is grown in the USA

• That we use Organic Reactive Dyes to create our dye library of over 800 colors

• We use waterbase inks to create the amazing soft feel to our prints (99.5% of other T-Shirt printers use petroleum based ink to create their designs on apparel)

• Our shirts are 100% preshrunk cotton (even the thread that holds it together is cotton). If washed according to our label instructions, in cold water, not only will your shirt stay at the same size as when you purchased it, but also the print will remain vibrant for years to come.

• We've been Oeko-Tex 100 Certified (the highest certification worldwide) which guarantees our shirts are free of chemicals harmful to your body

• Our commitment to the environment is in our bones, it's part of The Mountain's Collective Consciousness. We believe that Fair Trade starts at home by taking good care of our employees and their families.




Progressive Employment

Our shirts are dyed and printed in our own facility here in New Hampshire. We believe that Fair Trade starts at home by taking good care of our employees and their families.

The Mountain® maintains an on-site Child Care Center that is available for all employees’ pre-school aged children.

The Mountain® is committed to delivering the highest value to our customers by making the best products available using the most responsible technologies.

Our Artists

A little known fact that started over 20 years ago is our artists receive royalties on every shirt sold. So you are supporting our artists, their families and their ability to keep creating as well!


Have Fun, Stand Out and Be Epic!